Google Ads Ad Extensions: Top 5 Extensions & How To Use Them

At one time, it was possible to enjoy a good PPC performance with ads that simply presented well-written descriptions and a link back to your website. However, paid ads on Google are no longer all that identical thanks to Google Ads Ad Extensions.
The online ads that tend to catch the eye of busy searchers with multiple clicking opportunities are the ones with extra things like clickable mobile phone numbers, ratings, and more additional links.

These “bells and whistles” that can be included with Google’s paid ad listings are known as Google Ads ad extensions. And they can be an effective way to increase PPC leads and inspire conversions when used correctly.

As certified PPC professionals at Simply Search Marketing, we have some insights to share when it comes to determining which Google Ads ad extensions to consider. Here are our top five ad extension recommendations – along with some tips on how to use them effectively.

1. Google Ads Sitelink Extensions

One of the best ways to increase PPC leads is to give searchers more possible links to click. Using sitelinks as your preferred Google Ads ad extensions presents many opportunities. You can use additional links for special offers, specific items you want to direct clickers to, or even featured sale items.

What’s also great about sitelink extensions is the extra space they take up when displayed with your ad. Now only can this make your ads more visible, it can also naturally push down your competitors ads to draw even more attention to what you happen to be offering.

2. Google Ads Location and Callout Extensions

More than half of all searches are for locally based businesses. If you have a business with a physical location or you are targeting a specific geographic area, location extensions can be an effective way to get more people to call or come in.

Specifically, location extensions can boost PPC performance for your brick-and-mortar business by presenting your location details. This can be an excellent way to help local searchers find their way to your door. Location extensions also allow you to:

• Display your phone number with a call button
• Have your ad shown in Google Maps and the maps pack (done automatically with local extensions)
• Use separate location extensions to attract attention to specific locations if you have more than one location within the same geographic area

If your business isn’t location-specific, another way to attract more attention with your ads is to opt for callout extensions. So, what exactly is a callout extension?

It’s basically an extra line of text that allows you to add potentially impactful info that would normally be left out of your ad copy for space reasons. Callout Google Ads ad extensions aren’t trackable or clickable.

However, these snippets can be used to mention key product features, warranty information, shipping perks (e.g., free shipping on orders of $50 or more), or incentives like free returns and other value propositions.

3. Google Ads Call Extensions

Call extensions allow your business’ phone number to be placed right next to your displayed ad. When included with ads displayed on mobile devices, customers can click on these Google Ads ad extensions to directly call your business without visiting your website.

However, call extensions won’t prevent searchers from clicking the link to your site that’s included with your ads if they want to get more info before taking action. This can be an excellent way to increase PPC leads if you have a business that gives customers multiple ways to take the desired action (e.g., website visits, phone orders, and in-person visits).

Call extensions can also work well for restaurants and other local businesses that can benefit from calls made to make reservations or place orders for pick-up later. Companies preferring calls over form submissions may also benefit from call extensions on their paid ads.

Do you have a website that’s not as easy to navigate on mobile devices? Ideally, you should fix this with a responsive website design. But in the meantime, a call extension can make it easier for mobile users to contact you. You can also set up your call extensions to only run during your regular business hours if you don’t have a 24/7 business.

4. Google Ads Message Extensions

People collectively send about 23 billion text messages each day. So, it should come as no surprise that marketers and businesses have found creative ways to reach out to these texters – at least the ones most likely to be interested in what’s offered.

One way to connect with potential customers via text is with message Google Ads ad extensions. Message extensions show up right next to ads on search engine results pages (SERPs).

When a mobile device user clicks the extension, the text messaging app on their phone will automatically open. It will display a message about your business (e.g., specific product info, a sale announcement, or news of an “exclusive” promotion or sale). You’ll be charged the same rate when message extensions are clicked as you would be when someone clicks your ad headline.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about being intrusive with your text messaging efforts with message extensions. After all, if someone is actually clicking the extension, they obviously want to view your marketing message via text.

5. Google Ads Promotion Extensions

Is your business all about making sales or completing e-commerce transactions? Then consider tacking promotion extensions onto your Google Ads ads. These extensions are designed to quickly grab attention and encourage clicks and conversions.

Many businesses use promotion extensions to list specific sale items or announce specific promotions. One tactic to use is to create a sense of urgency (e.g., “All book bags 10% off. This week only”) with your promotion extensions.

Promotion extensions can be linked to any relevant URL. You can also schedule them to run for specific lengths of time based on a pre-selected date range, on certain days of the week, or during specific hours of the day.

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