The Long Term Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

SEO is a long-term investment, but one that can provide compounding growth. Unlike PPC which requires monthly investments to achieve the same level of results, SEO allows you to keep growing off of your previous month’s work with unlimited return potential.

By investing in search engine optimization instead, you can remove yourself from the pressure of keeping up with monthly budgets and still achieve compounding growth over time! This blog post will cover why SEO for small businesses is a relevant investment and how it can help them grow their business for the long term!

How Does SEO for Small Businesses Generate Income?

benefits of seo for small businesses

Every small business owner wants to get more customers for their business. The bottom line of any small business marketing campaign is to generate revenue. How can SEO help? Through SEO for small businesses you can build brand awareness, improve your web experience for customers, find new customers, get more targeted traffic, and improve your keyword ranks month over month.

If you target keywords that indicate purchase intent, you can generate revenue by ranking for those search queries. How can you find these terms? Well, if you already have been investing in PPC, then you’ve got a wealth of information right there! Take a look at the search queries that have generated the most conversions and bam! You’ve got a list of keywords you should be targeting through SEO to generate revenue.

If you haven’t invested in PPC, take a look at common purchase intent indicators. If someone is searching for pricing, or more advanced features of your product, they’re further in the buying process than someone just looking up basic features or reviews.

The better your search engine ranking is within a set of purchase-intent keywords, the easier it will be to convert those searchers into buyers because they’re already on their way towards completing that purchase at the moment they come across one of your ads!

Don’t forget about long-tail keyword phrases!

These are words and phrases with only a few competing pages on Google’s search engine result pages, so if there isn’t much competition yet, then these would make great targets for building out content around them.

This type of traffic could grow exponentially as time passes since there aren’t many other sites targeting this niche right now- but beware: It may not be worth investing in SEO for small businesses campaigns unless there is a high enough search volume to generate a return for you.

6 long term benefits of SEO for small businesses:


1. SEO FOR SMALL BUSINESSES enables BUSINESS ownerS to build brand awareness

Brand awareness is the first step in converting a potential customer into an actual one. One of the most powerful things about SEO is that you can build your brand presence without having to spend much money on advertising!

The power of organic search traffic and how it builds over time for small businesses are limitless, while PPC ads need to be paid each month just to maintain results. This may not seem like a big deal now but as soon as you have competition, this difference becomes more pronounced. If your ROI doesn’t improve with continued investment then your business will suffer–and so will its profits!

2. SeO FOR SMALL BUSINESSES will make your website faster and more convenient

Google is releasing an algorithm update in May 2021 that focuses on core web vitals. The purpose is to push website owners to optimize the user experience and provide faster loading sites for their audience.

A side effect of a faster-loading website is that you’ll also rank for more of your target keywords. This is because the algorithm will take a look at how quickly your site loads.

If your website loads quicker than your competition then your website is providing a higher user experience which means Google will rank you above the competition (if the rest of your SEO is equal).

Remember, page speed and more specifically, Core Web Vitals only makes up 30% of user experience factors.

Just working on this won’t guarantee you first page results, likewise, if someone else has better content, they’ll still outrank you even if your website loads faster but doesn’t have better quality content.

3. SEO FOR SMALL BUSINESSES can help you find new customers

The long-term benefits of SEO for small businesses are that it can help your site rank higher on search engines and open up new customer acquisition avenues.

You’re not limited to people who happen to type in the right keywords like you are with PPC – you’ll also rank for more of your target keywords.

Even the best keyword research in the world won’t help you find every potential search term, but if you create content centered around providing the most useful information to your audience, you’ll start earning your audience’s trust.

We all know, when you help someone, they become more inclined to do business with you. That’s how small businesses can earn new customers through SEO.

Answer questions that are relevant to your audience, provide information that’s higher in quality than what’s available out there and you’ll start earning keyword ranks and targeted traffic to your site.

4. SEO FOR SMALL BUSINESSES will get you more targeted traffic

What is targeted traffic? In a nutshell, targeted traffic is used to describe people that visit your website from specific keywords that you’ve worked to optimize your website to rank for.

How does SEO for small businesses get you more targeted traffic?

There are a limited number of search results available on the first page of Google. This means that by ranking higher than any other site, you’re grabbing all these people searching for targeted keywords.

Start with keyword research and rank accordingly to start earning traffic from those who are most likely to convert into customers!

SEO is free (or at least cheaper) whereas PPC has costs associated with it each month as your campaign runs out but SEO doesn’t require duplication so this equates to a lower cost over time in terms of marketing efforts.

You can just keep focusing on getting more organic visitors which will be easier after you’ve done solid work in spreading awareness about your business while achieving high ranks for specific keywords!

5. Better keyword ranks mean more traffic each month

As your keyword ranks accumulate you’ll see more website traffic the higher you rank for specific keywords. It won’t happen overnight, but with time and effort, it will become easier to maintain these rankings as your site becomes a known entity in search engines!

A quality keyword tracking tool will help monitor and track progress towards higher rankings for keywords that are pertinent to your website. It won’t happen overnight, but with time and effort, the keyword ranks can become easier to attain and maintain as search engines know more about what you offer!

Keep in mind that there’s no magic number when it comes to ranking positions; some businesses see better returns at lower ranks while others may have a hard time breaking into the top 100 without some serious investment. With this in mind, plan accordingly based on how much you’re willing or able to invest over time. The goal is long term growth which means investing ahead of schedule if necessary so you don’t

6. The results OF SEO FOR SMALL BUSINESSES are long-lasting

If you stop advertising on PPC, you’ll disappear overnight from searches. With SEO for small businesses, the results are long-lasting. You could potentially rank for months or years provided your competitors aren’t also working around the clock to knock you off your perch.

SEO is one of the only mediums where you can put in the work today, and reap the rewards for months to come. Using PPC, you’re always at the mercy of your competitors.

Invest in a solid SEO strategy today and you’ll be investing in the future growth of your business.

Your efforts given to the campaigns SEO for small businesses won’t bring instant rewards, but that is not the point of optimization. The goal is for your small business to take one of the higher-ranking positions in SERP and remain there long enough to raise brand awareness and improve conversion. Of course, you will have to maintain your SEO for small businesses to stay on track, but that investment is far less substantial than paying for online and offline ads.


In the small business world, time is money. Raising your ranking on SERP will save you a lot of money in the long run and get you a higher potential for leads through targeted traffic.

Businesses can invest a fixed rate each month in an SEO for small businesses strategy to target long-term, stable growth.

There has never been an easier time in history for small business owners to market themselves and their products on the internet!

If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve put together a great small business marketing checklist to help guide you in the right direction.

With Google continually making moves against black hat techniques, optimizing naturally grows even harder; however, it also makes appearing higher in search results all the more rewarding. Remember when everyone was talking about “2000% ROI”? Well, there’s still potential for this level of return-you just have to take the steps to invest and target the right keywords for your business.

Investing in an effective SEO for small businesses campaign today is smart for businesses looking to gain huge returns. Besides delivering explosive growth, your investment will also ensure stable growth into the future.

Your goal should be to place among the top ranks on Search Engine Results Pages as this will bring increased brand awareness and a higher web presence.

Meet with one of our SEO experts today for a free search engine marketing strategy call and discover the potential SEO benefits that your small business can take advantage of by working with an award-winning SEO company.