How To Get More Views On YouTube

How to get more views on Youtube

YouTube has been a fast growing community for many years now and a lot of youngsters are beginning to find comfort in making videos to strangers around the world and learning more about the people in the world around us. The top struggle for an aspiring YouTuber is getting views. If someone uploads a video to YouTube and doesn’t get a lot of views, it can really bring down their self-esteem. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks for you to get more views on YouTube.

Titles are important to get more views on YouTube

Make sure that the title of your video has appeal as well as has something to do with the main point of your video. No one likes click-bait when it comes to YouTube, and if you try it they most likely won’t look at your channel again. If that happens, it will make it more difficult to get more views on YouTube. Try using specific words so that when people search a certain keyword, your video pops up immediately.

Sharing is Caring

The minute you are done uploading, share your video with every social media there is for example, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Also ask friends and family to view, like and share your video because one person is never just one person. One person knows at least five other people that can watch, like and share your video to another five people.

Start a Blog to increase views on YouTube

While this can be often tedious, people love blogs; especially people who enjoy reading. You will want to appeal to everyone who infects the internet, and a lot of these people enjoy reading and research so a blog will be right what they’re looking for and they’ll find the link to your video and lead them straight to YouTube if they like what they see. That way you’ll easily get more views on YouTube.

Edit Properly

No one likes awkward moments in videos on YouTube. When it comes to making videos when you’re just speaking to your audience, having awkward moments known as white space, makes the audience realize what they’re actually watching – a person who is talking to themselves. Edit out the moments when you’re thinking of what to say or laughing for too long etc.

Send off Your Audience with a Good Catch-Phrase or Some Bloopers

It’s human nature to love watching someone mess up so if you have some really funny bloopers from when you were recording, go ahead and add them to the end of the video. Sending your audience off with an activity or blooper gives them something to look forward to, and they will always watch your video until the end. For example, Ray William Johnson first started on YouTube used to ask his audience to give a comment question of the day; people had to write their answers in the comments and they would be shown in the next video. This also caused his viewers to keep an eye out for his next video so they could see if their funny comment was chosen.

While having a YouTube channel may seem easy to do when looking at YouTubers such as Pewdiepie, Zoella or Jenna Marbles, it takes hard work and dedication. Of course, the proper equipment won’t hurt and a little bit of editing. In the end, you should have fun and enjoy entertaining your audience, making them crave more. Take these tips and use them to get more views on YouTube.