7 Tips for a Successful Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy

Healthcare is one of the most important and broadest commercial industries. No matter your patients’ demographics, you’ll always have a steady stream of business.

The goal of any healthcare businesses is making yourself known to patients, and the best way to accomplish this is with a comprehensive healthcare digital marketing strategy.

Healthcare marketing may seem daunting because of this fact, but all healthcare professionals know the importance of a good marketing campaign. Marketing builds trust with patients and helps you promote your amazing clinic.

To get more patients to your healthcare clinic, use these 7 healthcare digital marketing strategies. You’ll be surprised how quickly these strategies attract new patients.

1. A Responsive and UI/UX Website

All companies are told they should have a website. But few companies are told to have a great-performing website. The website constantly undergoes new innovations. And today, these innovations include UI/UX and a responsive design.

UI/UX stands for user interface/user experience. This defines an accessible website, one your patients can easily navigate, and an interface that’s easy for your patients to follow.

A responsive web design is a design that’s optimized for all devices. These devices include phone, tablet, and desktop.

When your clients find your clinic, they will first find your website for clinic information. Give them the best web experience possible.

2. A Blog and Educational Materials

The easiest way to put your clinic at the height of customer trust is creating a blog. A blog benefits your company with SEO and organic marketing efforts but is also your customer’s main source of information.

For example, let’s say your customer is experiencing unusual symptoms. They can search their symptoms on your website and they can find detailed articles about these symptoms.

When you use good SEO skills such as keyword and topic research, you can gain many SEO benefits. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the key to organic search marketing.

When Google pulls keywords out of your blogs, you’ll perform better on search results.

3. Automated Email or Text Appointment Reminders

Back in the day, patients received phone call appointment reminders.

But this method is becoming outdated. During the day, your patients are working or are busy with their kids and family. They don’t want to pick up the phone and talk to your secretary.

Instead, they can receive an appointment notification that they can access whenever suits them. The two most effective methods are email and text reminders.

This is also beneficial for your clinic. Automated software saves your clinic extra time to spend with the patients you’re currently serving.

This method continues to build trust with your existing patients so they keep visiting your clinic.

4. Video Content

Your doctors may not be actors or influencers, but they are experts. Who can give better medical information than a certified professional? Keep an updated YouTube channel filled with educational videos.

These videos can discuss common symptom and ailment descriptions, advancements in healthcare technology, and new research.

Your videos can also be promotional. Maybe your clinic added a new service or you switched to a better location. Outsource professional filmmakers to come in and film the clinic.

Post the video on your social media channels for better circulation.

Videos are becoming widely used because of their shareability. YouTube visitors and social media users can easily connect with your videos and will share them with their friends and family. This helps boost your brand and increases your reach.

5. SEO Research and Tools

SEO was already mentioned in this article, but non-experts have difficulty conducting their own SEO research. The key to SEO is knowing what to search and how to search. This will determine your blog and content topics.

For example, maybe you notice bronchitis is a trending topic. You can access a keyword search tool and find great-performing keywords relating to bronchitis.

Most of the best keywords have high searches and high competition. In cases where the high search volume keywords require a longer time to rank, you can learn how to increase search volume while avoiding high search volume keywords.

From here, use this keyword in the title, the metadata, and throughout the content (specifically, the first paragraph, the last paragraph, and in one of the subheadings).

Other useful SEO tips include competitor research and social media shares.

6. Social Media Followers and Engagements

The easiest way for any business to connect with their customers is with social media.

For your clinic, social media pages help customers contact you, review you, and share your posts. Even other features such as check-ins maximize your social reach.

The key to social media marketing is using it right. Both paid and organic posts should be optimized by posting frequently, using quality visual content and social scripts, and making everything relevant to your clinic.

Aside from Google, your social media is where your patients will get to know your clinic. Give your patients a “follow” and “share-worthy” social media page.

7. Landing Page Marketing

While blog marketing is useful, optimizing your landing page will prove just as beneficial. It’s the one place your patients will turn to and offers crucial information to your clinic as well as potentially being the first page your future patients will see.

Include your NAP information (name, address, phone number) as well as other useful sources such as a map, email address, and all social media links on your landing page.

You can also use ad and SEO landing page strategies. This includes purchasing keywords, using organic keywords, and directing customers to your landing page from a visual ad.

Time to Attract Patients with Healthcare Digital Marketing

Healthcare digital marketing is one of the most important aspects of your clinic.

Without marketing, your patients won’t find your clinic. To ensure you use the best marketing techniques, these strategies will draw in the most patients and will establish relationships with existing patients.

Optimize your website with a great design, a blog, and a resourceful landing page. Use visual content such as videos and have great social media pages. Use other techniques such as SEO for more brand awareness.

As a healthcare marketing agency we strive to help our clients achieve increased search traffic while also increasing leads and revenue.