7 Benefits of Social Media for Personal Trainers

Social media for personal trainers is what a Superbowl ad is to any major American brewery. Think about it: every year the price of airtime goes up. Why? Because more people view these ads and buy the product!

With social media, every DAY more people are adding accounts, getting online, and exploring worlds outside their own. Currently, there are over 3.03 BILLION active social media accounts.

Social media can excite people about your services and plant the seed for them to begin their fitness journey.

It can make them seek YOU out of many and choose your brand of fitness as opposed to any major gym that caters to group training or one-on-one sessions.

Read on to see the 7 best benefits of social media for personal trainers!

1. Connect With Current and Future Clients

Lucky for you, the device you’re reading this article from puts the world at your fingertips. This means allowing you to put yourself out there to new clients while connecting with current ones.

The world is becoming more and more connected with more emphasis on mobile media than ever. To put things into perspective, there are 2.54 billion mobile social media users.

This means that people connect and connect fast, wanting replies, responses, and answers a lot faster than yesteryear which gives you the opportunity to build business quicker than ever before.

2. Social Media for Personal Trainers Allows for Distance

This may sound funny to some, but those gym rats who are constantly on the go, yet never wanting to miss a session WILL find a routine to take with them. This can be in the form of DVDs, YouTube videos, or paid subscriptions to your platform.

You can lead personal training sessions through webcams on each party’s computer, allowing for encouragement and motivation to keep going. This will also allow you to keep an eye out for improper techniques that may cause injury.

If you develop some of these relationships, its possible for all of your clients to be remote while you’re off vacationing in some exotic destination.

3. Motivation for Others

You didn’t pick this industry because you wanted to see people fail or stay stuck in unhealthy lifestyles. You picked personal training to be an inspiration to others and aid in their path to health.

You could post something as simple as a gym selfie showing others your own progress. This could make them green with envy about your physique and allow for a new level of willpower to do something about their own shape.

4. Word of Mouth

The best advertisement out there is one money can’t buy: a positive review of a product or service and a strong referral to that business.

A great way to get people to refer your business is to engage in constructive online experiences with them! 71% of people that have positive encounters are more likely to recommend a business or brand.

This will also increase your business because they’ll be pushing their friends to book with their trainer and adding perceived value to their own sessions.

You can offer something like this on any platform, but Twitter can be a great option with the ability to retweet quickly and monitor reach.

5. Make Them Crave More Knowledge

Whether you specialize in weight loss and management, bodybuilding, sports training, or anything else, there is always a niche clientele begging for information.

Social media for personal trainers can provide this in the form of blogs or other posts. By targeting specific topics, you can keep your readers, followers, and future clients coming back for more.

Eventually, this leads to a bond and level of trust in which future clients become current.

6. Golden Opportunity

When training a client, get their permission to take before, progress, and after photos. Doing this will motivate them to work harder, but also allow you to show off your ability as a trainer.

When posting these pictures to any type of platform, be sure to use hashtags that allow for people in and around your area to easily see them. Caption it carefully, and only use personal information that your client has consented to.

If a major weight loss in your life has led you down the physical training path, show off your pictures too! This will allow people to see that you can talk the talk AND walk the walk.

7. A Lean Body Starts in the Kitchen

Everyone has heard the 80/20 rule— where 80% of weight loss is diet, and 20% is exercise. When working with clients, it is likely you will outline a meal plan for them.

Why not take it one step further and Snap or YouTube bits of your own meal prep and final plates? If you have a technique for simple meal prepping, maybe show that. It just might entice your viewers, followers, and clients to come to you for their own plans.

Keep the recipes simple and relatively budget-friendly, and people will flock to you for your (paid) advice. Bonus points if you can throw in some funny material!

Pinterest is also popular among fitness junkies due to the fact you can locate information with just a few clicks.

Stay Motivated, Don’t Quit!

It may take some time to see results in the form of hoards of new clients, but don’t get discouraged! Social media for personal trainers or any business does take time to expand and reach the maximum customer base.

The good thing is that numbers are in your favor in that people will be needing you. The sad thing is, 36.5% of adults in America are obese. Sometimes all they need is a little motivation.

That motivation can come in many ways–a video, a photo, a blog post. But these clients need to be able to FIND this information and locate you! The sky is the limit when dealing with digital media and marketing.

Though you can probably handle any platform like a true pro, if you find yourself needing help, contact us! We can walk you through any and all types of social media for personal trainers.