6 Killer Digital Marketing Tactics for Local Businesses

Do you feel like you’re just not making much of an impression on your local market?

When you check out your website analytics, are you thrilled by high traffic numbers — but frustrated by the fact that most of that traffic comes from outside of your service area?

Would you just like to learn more about how to implement stronger local digital marketing tactics?

If so, then this post is for you.

From embracing live video content to ensuring that your blog and website contains plenty of location-based keywords, we’ll tell you how to develop a top localized digital marketing tactics for a local business.

1. Get More Online Reviews

The most important entry on our list of the top digital marketing tactics for a local business?

Do anything and everything you can to get more online reviews on sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and even testimonials on your site.

Over 80% of consumers say that the things they read online about a company matter just as much — if not more — than the recommendations of their friends and family members.

So, what can you do to get more of these digital marketing essentials?

Never be ashamed to ask for a review, or to incentivize them. Enter those who leave reviews into a raffle for free products or services, or give them a discount off their next purchase.

Always make sure you respond to reviews — both the positive and the negative. Even if some of the things are hard to hear, remember that even harsh feedback will help you to improve the customer experience. Plus, it shows you care about what your clients have experienced.

2. Go Live

Recent studies show that shoppers are happy to pay more to work with or buy from brands that they feel they can trust.

One of the best digital marketing strategies that builds your brand recognition, gets you more followers, and creates a trust between company and consumer?

Going live on social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube.

You can respond to viewer questions and concerns in real time. Alternatively, you can introduce the people watching to your employees, show them the inside of your offices, or even take them down to the warehouse so they can see how products are made.

Answering frequently asked questions in order to better empower your local market is also a great digital marketing strategy for a local business.

3. Enable Geotagging

Especially as a local business, enabling geotagging/the “check-in” feature on social media is essential.

First of all, it’s an awesome way for you to get to know your market, who is doing business with you, and more. Once you find these social media accounts, you can learn more about the types of content they gravitate towards. This will help you to create a more effective digital marketing plan in the future.

Plus, you can also build brand loyalty by giving a shoutout to — or commenting on or sharing — the posts that you find through the geotagging feature.

You’ll be a legend in your local market in no time, and you’ll prove that you care about your customers.

4. Focus on Location-Based Keywords

While you’re busy creating content for that killer blog, no matter what you’re writing about, you want to make sure that your content is optimized for your local market.

After all, over half of mobile searchers that find your website will end up in your store within 24 hours of their initial search.

When you’re choosing your keywords, make sure you select options that include your city, state, neighborhood, or even nearby landmarks.

This will help you to connect with your local market faster than ever before.

5. Add your Site to Online Business Directories

Looking for a way to bring the phone directories of years past into the digital present?

If so, then you need to make submitting your business to online classified ads and digital business directories a part of your digital marketing strategy.

This is especially crucial for local businesses, and it’s usually completely free.

Even if the person combing through the directory isn’t looking for the services you offer at the time of their initial search, they’ll be able to keep your name in mind for the future.

Plus, it’s a great way to get more clicks to your website!

6. Don’t Underestimate Voice Search

With voice search on the rise, local businesses need to make sure they’re adapting their digital marketing tactics accordingly.

This means that you should include longer keyword phrases in your content. These keywords should mimic the way people speak, as opposed to the way they type. you can achieve this by including more complete sentences and even answering some of the most popular questions your brand gets asked.

Above all, your goal is to be read out loud by devices like Alexa and Siri. Make sure you include keywords, keep answers short and sweet, and explain concepts as simply as is possible.

Looking for Professional Help With Digital Marketing Tactics?

From optimizing your website content for voice search to making sure that you get as many online reviews as is possible, we hope this list of essential digital marketing tactics has been helpful.

Remember that local marketing is the most important part of your digital marketing plan. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most overlooked.

In between meeting with clients, returning missed calls, and trying to get actual work done, you don’t always have the time to develop your online marketing strategy.

We can help.

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